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September 19, 2019
Training Courses
Updated On: Dec 14, 2018

Boilermakers Welding and Training Courses.

September 21, 2017

Tube Welding with SMAW and GTAW: Develops knowledge and skills required to weld two-inch diameter mild steel pipe in the 6G position using the gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and (SMAW) processes. (70s root and 7018 fill and cap)

SS Tube and Pipe Welding: Develops knowledge and skills required to weld SS tube and large diameter Pipe in 2G, 5G and 6G positions.( purge, walking the cup, TIG all the way out)

9 Chrome Pipe Welding: Provides practice for advanced welders to upgrade his/hers skills for welding 9 Chrome on the job. 2G and 5G positions, with preheat and 100% purge. This type of welding is mostly required on building new and repair old HRSG’s and other critical parts of boiler. (90sB2 root and 9018/9015 fill and cap)

Tube Welding using Body System (Dutchmen): Develops knowledge and skills required to weld two-inch diameter mild steel tube placed in the panel (water wall). This type of welding is necessary when doing repairs or installing new water walls, floor tubes or roof tubes in the boilers.  (70s root and 7018 fill and cap)

Copper Nickel Pipe Welding: Provides practice and skill for advanced welders to become proficient in Copper/Nickel welding process on Pipe and Tube. This Welding process been in demand mostly in shipbuilding and its growing into other industries.

Tube removal, installation and rolling: Develops knowledge and skills required to remove or extract the tube out of the tube sheet or a drum and be able to install the new tube and roll to specific requirements.

Dual shield Welding: Advanced welding skills to enhance the ability to put down sound cosmetically acceptable welds in all positions. In both Stainless and carbon steel weld processes.

Basic Blueprint reading and fundamentals: Develops knowledge and skills required for every journeyman and apprentice to read and completely understand blueprints/Drawings and be able to build or construct from prints and drawings. Proper use of a tape measure and understanding measurements.

Basic fabrication and layout: Develops knowledge and skills required to fabricate complex parts and make layout for inserts and different shape cutouts. (Field and shipyard)

Basic torch skills and Flushing including heat straightening: Develop the knowledge and skills to properly utilize hand torches, track burners and flushing bevels on plate and other various materials.

O.S.H.A. 30: Comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction and fabrication industry.

Rigging training: Raising the knowledge levels of all Boilermakers, the Rigging Program highlights the hazards associated with rigging on job sites while providing pre-job training to qualified Boilermakers. Classes consist of four (4) modules, spanning three (3) eight-hour days that supplement BNAP training and allows for journeymen upgrading.

Stewards training and Internal Organizing: Teaches conflict resolution and jurisdiction disputes. Stewardship role on the job. Constitution of Boilermakers Union. How to handle grievances. Promoting Solidarity and unionism. By-Laws, Labor Laws.

Union culture and Boilermakers Creed: Learning the culture and history of Boilermakers Union. Importance of union and membership role in the Union. The Boilermaker Code provides direction for building a workforce that is highly skilled, safety-trained and responsible.

In the Portland Area, call the Union hall to sign up at 503-288-5295.  In the Seattle area contact the Apprentice and Training Center at 206-654-4707 Minimum 10 people required to schedule the class.

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