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November 30, 2022
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    What's New at Local 104
    Opportunity at City of Seattle Parks Department
    The City of Seattle has an opening in their Parks and Rec Department for an experienced Journey Level Metal Fabricator. Please apply via the City of Seattle's website under "Metal Fabricator" at Read More...

    Brothers and Sisters,

    As many of you know we have been working for nearly a year to finalize our move to our new office space in the Seattle area, well the day has finally arrived!

    Effective December 1, 2020, Boilermakers Local 104's Seattle office will have a new home at:

    21400 International Blvd

    Suite 205

    Sea Tac, WA 98198

    During this transition, our office phones and dues payment portal will be moving to a new service provider, therefore the dues payment portal will not be accessible beginning on November 25, 2020 at approximately noon, and we are expected to restore access to the dues portal no later than December 4, 2020.

    As in past years, our offices are closed in observance of Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday (11/26 and 11/27 this year).  Beginning on November 30th, we will no longer have access to phone and voicemail at the Seattle office, until the service is established at our new location.  During this time, please continue to reach out to your representatives via cell phone or email with any immediate concerns.  Please see below for contact information.

    There will not be an interruption to phone service in the Portland office and dues payments should still be mailed to the Seattle office using the new address noted above (21400 International BLVD Suite 205 Sea Tac, WA 98198).

    Steve Behling - Business Manager - cell: 206-854-4902 email:

    Brian Self - Assistant Business Manager - cell: 206-854-4636 email:

    Brian Richart - Assistant Business Manager - cell: 206-251-7306 email:

    Gin Andreas - Bookkeeper- email:

    We wish you and your family a safe and Healthy Holiday Season

    Acrowood Forging and Blacksmithing
    Boilermaker Matt Beck does his thing at Acrowood in Everett. Acrowood is the only company that employs Boilermakers within 104 that still uses Blacksmithing and Forging. Video was shot in slow motion, from start to finish actually only took 20 seconds. *Thanks to Brad Stedenfeld for the footage.
    Non-Union Competitors

    August 20, 2015

    Current Events

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Historically our industry of Ship Building and Ship Repair seems to slow down during the summer months. As work begins to slow down, members get laid off accordingly. We’ve grown accustom to having a few months off during the summer to spend time with our friends and families, and some even look forward to having a little time off as well.   

    This practice is understandable, we work our tails off for roughly 8 or 9 months from early fall to late spring. However as our industry continues to change, we as members need to realize that we need to change along with it. Local 104 now has two (2) fully functional training facilities. One in Seattle and one in Portland. So as work slows down, and members get laid off, I’m encouraging all members, regardless of skill level, to utilize the training facilities that YOU pay for.

    Something else that I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about during every membership meeting, is the fact that there's been a lack of active organizing efforts throughout Washington and Oregon the last few years. Local 104 needs your help to encourage and educate friends and family members working at non-union companies.

    Seattle and especially Portland members keep in mind, that if you get laid off for any duration of time, you can help by applying at a non-union employer. I’m encouraging members to seek employment with our non-union competitors with the intention of creating discussion with the workforce. There are steps that Local 104 will help you with that could lead to a winnable organizing campaign. The point that I’m making is that without taking the first step, we aren’t taking enough action to better our organization.   

    Keep in mind that Union Representation by the Boilermakers can be for any type of work regardless if the nature of work is related to shipbuilding, ship repair and metal fabrication. Boilermakers Represent Brothers and Sisters covered under Collective Bargaining Agreements with Taxi Services, Nursing, Golf Ball Manufacturing, Commercial Truck Driving, Car Washes and Electric Motor Repair. Basically there’s nothing Local 104 members can’t do.

    Regardless of the nature of work your friends and family members perform, Representation is what matters. Not the name of the Organization Representing those workers. Spread the word, encourage and educate everyone you speak with on a daily basis. The greatness of our Brotherhood begins with the Brothers and Sisters belonging to it.

    Below is a general list of our non-union competitors. If you’ve worked or know someone who is or has worked, or would like to apply and become employed at one of these employers listed below, please let me know. It is no secret that one of my biggest passions is organizing. There’s no greater feeling than seeing a group of workers finally stand together and gain the power to control the terms and conditions they work under, while taking that power away from the employer.

    Feel free to contact me or any Representative of Local 104 if you have any questions regarding organizing. I remain

    In Solidarity,


    Brian Opland

    Business Manager/Sec. Treasurer

    Boilermakers Union Local 104

    Unfair Labor Practice Picket at Vigor Industrial

    On Thursday September 25th during lunch, members from all the different Trade Unions employed at Vigor Industrial lead by the Puget Sound Metal Trades took part in some Concerted Activity by picketing in front of all Vigor Industrial locations, which includes Tacoma and Portland. This was in response to Vigor's illegal decision to implement a policy without bargaining with the Unions. An Unfair Labor Practice charge has been filed with the NLRB.

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